Quality Policies

Always committed to exceeding expectations.

The Supera Technology Center is committed to offering its clients the best professional practices and the excellent quality of its services.

Quality Policies

Therefore, Supera Technology Center is committed to:

  • Complying with guidelines set forth by ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025.

  • Complying with the law, rules and standards applied to its activities, processes and services.

  • Good professional practices and confidentiality, of the management and technical body, of information of companies serviced.

  • Developing excellence, through the practice of managing dynamic, evolutionary and permanent quality, whereby responsibility is as integral part of any activity.

  • Promoting the quality of relationships based on dialogue, ethical conduct and transparency, pursuing the wellbeing of its employees.

  • Training employees, understanding that personal growth plus organizational efficacy reflect directly on the quality of services, enabling a more favorable environment for team work.

  • Servicing clients’ needs, governmental or private and, therefore, all contracts signed are negotiated in advance with clients and requirements established.

The quality system adopted seeks to comply with regulators, our clients and all stakeholders of the services provided. Anybody, whether direct or indirectly involved with this system must know, understand, be familiar with and implement all policies directed at Quality Assurance.

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