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The Software Industrial Center in the Ribeirão Preto region, known as PISO was created in 2004. At the time, a group of companies came together with the purpose of improving HR practices and reducing taxes levied on software activities taxes. After awhile, the center became known in Brazil for its efforts in bringing in the advances in the IT industry and making the software industries in the region more professional.


In 2013, the proximity to SUPERA Park and other public partners brought in support from the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo to create the Professional Training in Software Center, inaugurated in 2014. 

PISO provides improvement courses, lectures and workshops for businesspeople and member employees, in addition to programs that encourage training the labor force. 

Currently, the Ribeirão Preto region has approximately 100 software developing countries and high value added products. They employ over 2,000 professionals and mainly create management systems, used in different business segments such as wholesalers, hospitals, city halls, airlines, among others.

Great Partnerships 

PISO counts on important partners such as Sebrae, Senac, CIESP, CIEE, Softex-Campinas and the Interamerican Development Bank.

It advocates the interests of member companies with the public arena and within the domestic technological scenario. Also promotes social initiatives with underprivileged communities through social inclusion projects.


  • Decreased the ISS (Tax levied on Services) from 5% to 2% in the industry in 2005.
  • Promoted and implemented MPS.BR certification.
  • Trained companies to export products and services, based on the CMMI.
  • Participation in the definition of Fatec Ribeirão Preto's courses.

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