SUPERA Park is now part of the executive board from SP REDE

Mon, January 08, 2018 11:26

Institution aims to improve innovative habitats focusing on entrepreneurship

Supera Park is now part of the executive board from SP REDE that aims to support, help and gather innovation environment. These board were elected in the end of 2017 during a meeting at Cietec and approved by their statute. Saulo Rodrigues, Supera Business Incubator manager was selected as administrative and financial director and says that REDE will be responsible for acting to encourage innovation habitats across the Sao Paulo State. Mr Rodrigues also said all the institutions were involved in the initial meeting of this initiative were considered cofounders, but others that want to participate can be considered same as well, if indicate in January 2018. In addition to Mr Rodrigues, Bruna Boa Sorte from São Carlos, and Carlos Alberto Costa are also part of the executive board. The cofounders that were at the initial meeting were representatives from EcotecDamha, from Sao Carlos, Tech Park from Botucatu, Tehcnology Park for Sao Jose dos Campos, Techonoly Park from Sorocaba, Technology Park from Campinas, Business incubator from CIETEC (USP), Business incubador from Mackenzie – Sao Paulo, Innovation Centre from Marilia, and Supera Tech Park. Supera Park Supera Park is a result from a partnership from FIPASE, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto City Hall and the Secretary of Development from Sao Paulo. We are located inside USP Campus and tha park has a business incubator, a technology center, the health and software clusters and the business center. Overall Supera has 71 companies in their facilities, being 52 from the incubator, 15 from the business center and 4 being accelerate at SEVNA Startups, a business accelerator located inside the Park.

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