Supera Technology Center is accredited to execute innovation projects with resources from the “Informatics Law”.

Fri, March 31, 2017 02:45

The accreditation enables the Technology Center to perform research activities for the health sector in partnership with companies.

The Supera Technology Center, one of the anchors of the Technology Park of Ribeirão Preto, has just been qualified by the Information Technology Area Committee (CATI), from the Ministry of Science Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTI), to carry out research and development activities predicted by the Informatics Law.

The Informatics Law is destinated to hardware and automation companies that invest in research and development. These companies receive tax incentives that guarantee the reduction of IPI by up to 80%. "In order to receive incentives from the government, companies need to register with MCTI and meet certain requirements. Among them, they have the obligation to invest at least 4% of the annual sales of some specific products in research and development activities, "says Érico Moreli, coordinator of the Supera Technology Center.

Companies can allocate part of these resources to internal R & D and another part must be dedicated to other institutions such as universities or accredited Scientific and Technological Research Institutions. "This is a way to encourage the increase of innovations in these companies and, consequently, their competitiveness in the national and international market", says Moreli.

The coordinator explains that SUPERA’s technical team will assist in the development of solutions for companies interested in investing their resources in the Technology Center. "A project will be developed with the company. This can lead to a new product, the improvement of an existing product or even the development of a research infrastructure of interest to the applicant company," he points out.

The MCTI accreditation allows Supera Technology Center to serve the medical-hospital and dental equipment sector. "The Technology Center operates in the development of software, hardware, embedded systems and healthcare technologies. The projects are developed considering compliance with the regulatory requirements that apply to manufacturers in this sector, "he emphasizes.

According to MCTI data, from 2011 to 2013 the beneficiary companies invested R $ 1.6 billion in accredited research institutions. This number shows a great resource that can be invested in Technology Centers to execute innovative projects that will increase the competitiveness of the demanding companies.

Supera Parque

Supera Innovation and Technology Park of Ribeirão Preto is the result of a consortium between FIPASE, University of São Paulo (USP), the City Hall of Ribeirão Preto and the Development Agency of the State of São Paulo. Located inside the Campus of USP, SUPERA Park hosts the Supera Business Incubator, Technology Center, a Health Cluster and also an ITC Cluster.

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