Fipase is the entity responsible for managing SUPERA Park and its anchors, such as the Technology Center and the business Incubator. The organization is recognized as an institution of Science and Technology which is also part of the governance of the Health and Software Local Productive Clusters (LPCs). 

Was created with the goal of promoting local and regional socio-economic development by supporting technology-based companies. As Ribeirão Preto has always been recognized for its Health vocation, Fipase's task was to stimulate the business environment in this area.

Over time, new industries such as bioenergy and information technology have become important for the region. From this new perspective, Fipase ceased to foster only the health business and began to support various segments of technologic base.

How we got here


Creation of Fipase through Complementary Law.


Supera Incubator Inauguration - Unit Campus USP.


  • Inauguration of InBios, subsequently Supera Incubator - Unit Hemocentro RP.
  • Started support services to EMHO LPC, currently Health LPC.
  • Signing Letter of Intent for the implementation of the Technology Park.


First edition of BioBusiness Brazil - new business contest.


Complementary Law recognizes Fipase as ICT.


Supera Incubator chosen as a decentralized entity of the Prime (Finep).


  • Inauguration of Cedina, currently Supera Technology Center.
  • Inauguration of Supera Incubator - Unit Campos Elíseos.
  • Supera Incubator receives Anprotec award for best incubator in the Southeast.


  • Supera Educa starts project in partnership with Marista school.
  • Complementary Law establishes the structure of Fipase’s organogram.


  • Registration of the Technology Park with the Parks System of São Paulo.
  • Works of the Technology Park start.
  • Supera Educa receives Ozires Silva Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship.


Auxiliary works to the Software LPC starts.


  •  Opening of the Supera Innovation and Technology Park of Ribeirao Preto.
  • Relocations of the Supera Technology Center and the Supera Incubator units to the Technology Park.
  •  Opening of the Software Professional Training Center in partnership with Piso.
  • Opening of the Robotics Lab in partnership with Lego.
  •  UBI Index certifies Supera Incubator among the Top 10 in South America.


SUPERA Incubator receives Anprotec Award for Best incubator in Brazil

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