International Office

International Office

If you are willing to expand your business and explore new markets, this is where you begin!

We have soft landing programs for foreign companies willing to explore the brazilian market. They are supported with business and legal consultancy services, facilities within the building and a wide network through our connections.

We also support brazilian companies to go global, finding the partners that best fit their needs and connecting them.

Through the Soft landing program foreign companies can stay in the Park and take advantage of all the services and facilities provided.

Located inside the Campus of the University of Sao Paulo, in Ribeirao Preto, SUPERA Park can help you connecting with researchers and other relevant parties.

We have cooperation agreements with technology clusters, research centers, universities and business clusters that frequently open positionsd for companies which wish to expand internationally.

International Office

Do you want the world?

Companies willing to expand internationally have our support in all the steps along the way. We offer language classes, support in prospecting destinations and opportunities, suggestions for bilateral public notices from promotion agencies, and so on.

Alongside our foreign partners, we help companies to go to other countries, whether it be to set up operations, to be incubated, or to make initial contacts and partnerships, through business exchange programs. 

Do you want to settle down in Brazil?

We receive companies from other countries through signed cooperation with our foreign partners. For those who are not directly connected to these partners, we offer the Soft Landing program. Through this program, the companies learn about Brazilian culture and our best practices, facilitating entry or expansion of businesses thoughout Brazil.

We offer out physical space, support for legal consultations, help in finding housing and schooling, among other forms of support.

Partnerships for you to stretch your horizons

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