BioBusiness Brasil

The basis to transform your knowledge into business.

Biobusiness Brazil is an annual contest promoted by SUPERA Company Incubator together with Fipase, with the purpose of creating and internationalizing new business in the Biotechnology and Health industries.

The major differential is the creation of mechanisms that promote and drive innovative projects, so they can be applied in a practical manner in society. This happens after increasing the contact network, business consultants, training and many other resources.

BioBusiness Brasil

The competition includes prospecting and project selection up to the development of Business Models and Internationalization Plans, always seeking to increase awareness for investment and funding opportunities. 

The competition received the Anprotec Good Practices Award in 2006 and the Best Project in Innovative Entrepreneurship Culture Award in 2007.

To learn more about the detailed history, next editions and complete information about Biobusiness Brazil, visit the official page.

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