The SUPERA Park is a meeting point of two regional Clusters: Health and Software.

A Cluster is a geographical concentration of companies that relate to each other within an industry. Its goal is to make them more competitive in the market in which they operate.


To be considered a Cluster it is not enough to have a significant number of companies in the same industry. It is necessary that they relate to each other and to public and professional institutions. These are the features of the kind of governance that focus on development strategies of sectors, bringing the following benefits:

  • The region becomes a reference in business
  • Increased supply of skilled labor
  • Development of a collective knowledge for that business area

Fipase, along with Sebrae and respective business associations, participates in the governance of two Clusters: Health and Software (Piso). Both are recognized by state and federal governments, and have partnerships abroad. This allows tight integration with the Technology Park, forming a space of networking, technology services, training and business.

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