Health Cluster

Colective actions increase the competitiveness of companies.

The Health Cluster includes companies in the medical, hospital and dental equipment segments, as well as animal health, drugs, biotechnology, and cosmetics. Approximately 200 companies in the administrative region of Ribeirão Preto employ over 5,000 people. From micro to major companies known as the largest Brazilian exporters of dental products. In the region, one can find from hospital furniture to ultrasound equipment, from neonatal bassinets to medical regulation software, from dermocosmetics to animal nutrition products, from parenteral solutions to personal hygiene products.

APL Saúde

The creation of the BHP export consortium in 2002 was the first initiative tha brought together entrepreneurs from the industries of medical, hospital and dental equipment. In 2014, with the formalization of a business association, the EMHO Cluster became the Health Cluster and included the other business sectors. 


  • Implementation of the Supera Technology Center (known as Cedina)
  • Attendance at national and international fairs
  • Participation in the definition of the Fatec courses in Ribeirão Preto

See below some of the categories and products that Health Cluster companies have to offer:


Vacuums, engines, scalpels, cables, carts, lights, saws, clamps, coagulators, surgical accessories and instruments.

Hospital Furniture

Table, gurney, examination chair.

Parts and accessories

Negatoscope, electrodes, mounts, water connections, valves.

Hospital inputs

Pens, academic kits, adaptors, blades, oils, protectors.


Ultrasound, fetal detector, monitor, X-ray, colposcope, videocolposcope and other imaging diagnostic equipment.


Bassinets, incubators.

Solutions and collection bags

Animal health

Drugs, vaccines, aesthetics, nutrition, animal reproduction.


Hair care, dermocosmetics, personal hygiene.


Photopolymerizer, sodium bicarbonate jet, stools, laser therapy, handpieces, complete dental office, panoramic dental X-ray, whitener, contra-angle, pedals, autoclave, amalgamator, reflectors.

Drugs and Biotechnology

Medicinal plants, products for dermo inflammatory diseases, chemical analyses, pharmacokinetics, phototherapy, parenteral solutions, molecular engineering.

Equipment Components

IT for health

See more information in the Health Cluster's website.

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